For another amazing year. We’ve come a long way, from plowing through untouched backcountry powder, to escorting the sun over the ocean horizon, to being humbled by the sheer presence of a raging river. Keep checking our website for updates on orientation trips, our fall quarter schedule, surf updates, fun facts, cool jokes, and exciting videos. We couldn’t have done this year without you, Broncos!

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Who are we?

Into the Wild is a chartered student organization (CSO) at Santa Clara University that provides students with opportunities to get off campus and explore California’s wilderness. Every weekend we organize trips for all skill levels that include hiking, backpacking, snow camping, rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, surfing and more. We aim to promote healthy, sober fun while promoting a culture of sustainability at Santa Clara. Join us to experience what it means to go wild here at Santa Clara!

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